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Do you have the characteristics to become a successful foster carer?

Do you have the characteristics to become a successful foster carer?
4th February 2019 Fostering Dimensions

Fostering Dimensions are just as enthusiastic about fostering children as you are; but it is a lot deeper than this. We are committed to your commitment of becoming a foster carer and being a successful foster takes a lot of skill, effort and time and it does not just stop at having a child’s best interest.

Many people who consider fostering rule themselves out for no reason at all. Here at Fostering Dimensions in Nottingham, we believe in breaking the stereotype whilst ensuring foster children are placed into loving, secure and safe homes.

Are you eligible to Foster in Nottingham?

If you can build relationships with your foster children as well as our independent fostering agency and other professionals involved, you are already half way there. One frequently asked question we receive is ‘Can I foster if I have never parented before’ and the answer is yes. If you are eligible, then Fostering in Nottingham becomes so much more than a checklist.

Understanding the needs of your foster children and to be aware of what is expected of you as a foster carer can be achieved by working closely with the team at Fostering Dimensions. Your ability to persevere when things get tough alongside your patience, humour and empathy will allow you to become a successful foster carer in no time. Fostering in Nottingham couldn’t be easier and we will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Caring for foster children means you must be able to provide day to day care for them as well as meet their emotional needs. A positive role model is what many of these foster children need and if you can demonstrate that you have a sound judgement, a warm and loving personality and can appreciate the value of family life, a life as a foster carer is waiting for you.

A foster carer must possess a positive attitude to diversity and difference, therefore, a willingness to explore your foster child’s background is vital. Though it is easy to focus on all of the benefits of fostering, there are many children who are excited to be fostered for different reasons. There are times that many children come from troubled or neglected backgrounds and in some cases, you may need to work with the birth family if required.

If you possess these characteristics and are willing to open up your heart and your home to these children, get in contact today with Fostering Dimensions to start your journey today.

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