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Fostering in Nottingham

Fostering in Nottingham
6th March 2019 Fostering Dimensions
Fostering in Nottingham

When you are fostering in Nottingham and working with independent fostering agencies, it is not always easy to know what to expect. There are processes that you have to go through and through independent fostering agencies like Fostering Dimensions are always on hand to guide you through, the one thing we can never be certain about is the emotions that you will feel.

Having different emotions when you are fostering in Nottingham is natural and sometimes you can feel unprepared. The main thing is not to worry. Fostering Dimensions can help you navigate through the ups and downs, twists and turns, and help you through your roller coaster ride of emotions.

When you first consider fostering in Nottingham, the excitement and anticipation is something that all foster carers embrace. Before you know it, the day has come and you now have someone else to care for. Sounds pretty daunting, but that’s only natural.

Fostering Dimensions appreciate this and explore the different emotions you may feel when you are fostering in Nottingham. One thing to bear in mind is that these feelings and emotions are completely natural and there are many other foster carers who are going through the exact same thing. Truth is, there are many emotions on the foster parenting journey, and undoubtedly you will face many, some you never thought possible.


Emotions of fostering in Nottingham


Here’s a deeper explanation of how different emotions can play out in our life when you are fostering in Nottingham.


When you first consider fostering in Nottingham or become a foster carer, it is very exciting. Sometimes, this excitement can be at an all-time high, but it is important to keep your excitement in balance. The journey you are on can become difficult and it is important to know that you may not always feel this initial excitement.

Fear & shock

When you feel fear, it can relate to different circumstances. Some foster carers who are starting out can fear the unknown; from not knowing what to do, allowing new children into their own or simply being told they can’t foster in the first place. To see if you are able to foster, click here. When you become a foster carer, the shock of it all being finalised can be an experience in itself. This makes it all very real and the realisation that your whole life has changed can be overwhelming.

Honesty & belief

Being able to be honest with yourself and your foster carer allows for you to open up your heart and home. Fostering in Nottingham allows you to make the beliefs and aspirations you may hold for your children a reality and this is an amazing feeling.


Becoming a foster parent means you can give less fortunate children another chance of a happy life. Though they will always be grateful for this, you as the foster carers will always feel grateful to have been chosen; especially when you see the positive impact you have on their life.
Fostering Dimensions understand that the emotions you may feel are limitless. When you consider becoming a foster carer, you are opening up your heart and home to provide high quality, safe and secure homes for children and young people. If this is something you’re interested in, get in contact today.

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