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How does fostering in Nottingham affect children already at home

How does fostering in Nottingham affect children already at home
18th February 2019 Fostering Dimensions
Affects of Fostering in Nottingham

Fostering in Nottingham is a way of providing family life for children who are unable to live with their own parents. When you consider fostering in Nottingham, or when you decide to become a foster carer, it is more than just a decision between you and your foster children.

This is a decision that will impact not only you as parents but your children, extended family and friends. The first question you have to ask yourself is ‘Can I foster?‘ If the answer is yes, then you can heighten your children’s experiences and behaviours when fostering in Nottingham.

Below are 5 ways your children will benefit from having foster children in their lives.

  • Your children may learn how to be open to serving others and the community by welcoming foster children into their home. Learning the value of giving will not only give them a boost, but it will help build the relationship between them and your foster children.


  • Your children may learn how to share. This one might seem pretty obvious, but it goes past just sharing their toys and things. Fostering can enable your children to share their space, emotions and probably most importantly, people. By becoming a foster carer, your time is going to be split even more between the children in your house, but exposing your children to this can be great for their development.


  • Your children may be able to see past the functionality of a traditional family and open themselves up to different experiences and circumstances that foster children may face.


  • Following on from the above point, Fostering Dimensions love when they see the effects of the next point on your children. By fostering in Nottingham, your children are exposed to different cultures, races, family values and beliefs. This opens up room for discussions, learning and development.


  • Your children may be exposed to emotions that they haven’t been exposed to previously. Foster children may bring a broad range of emotions with them when they move into your home and this is okay. Your children will be able to express themselves together and this can help build relationships within your home.

Fostering Dimensions do not expect you to have all of the answers straight away. But before you say yes, make sure you ask all of the questions you have.

When you deal with independent fostering agencies such as Fostering Dimensions, we are able to support you from start to finish as we are just as dedicated and enthusiastic about Fostering in Nottingham as you are.

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