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Support for Foster Carers

Support for Foster Carers

Here at Fostering Dimensions providing high quality support is important to us. We see this as vital to enabling you to perform your role as a foster care effectively. We want our foster carers to feel valued. Support and benefits include:

• Monthly Foster Carers Support Group
• Male Foster Carer Support Group
• 24 Hours Telephone support
• Regular supervising social worker support
• Newsletters
• Access to confidential counselling and therapeutic services for foster carer, family and foster child.

• Social Events
• Young People consultation
• Children and Young People activities
• Weekly Fee

Financial Support

At Fostering Dimensions we recognise that as well as being extremely rewarding; fostering is also a challenging vocation. Whilst the primary motivation for our foster carers is their desire to make a difference in the lives of the children/young people they care for by fostering in the Midlands, we also recognise that as a foster carer you should receive appropriate financial compensation for all the work you will undertake to support the young people in your care and to give them a brighter future.

We pay all foster carers who have a child living with them a weekly allowance which is designed to provide for all of the child’s material needs (e.g. food, accommodation, clothes, pocket money, clubs, hobbies, trips etc.) as well as providing financial recognition for all your hard work.

The allowance varies depending on the age of the child, the challenges they bring as well as the number of children you care for. The weekly fee starts from £327.85 for a child aged 0-4 and £350.35 for a child aged 5-17yrs. This can vary depending on the needs of children and young people.

When you foster with us you are classed as self-employed. You’ll pay very little, or no, tax and national insurance.

It is like being a part of a big Family.

Fostering Dimensions,
Foster Carer

The Support for Foster Carers is Fantastic.

Fostering Dimensions,
Foster Carer

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