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Training, Support and Development

Fostering TSD – Training, Support and Development

At Fostering Dimensions we consider training, support and development standards to be paramount to the continuous professional development of our Foster Carers and to promoting the high quality care of our children and young people. We aim to provide training packages that are, informative, practical and accessible. We offer training that is individual, group settings, and online and your training, support and development is continually progressing and being enhanced.

Training is mandatory to maintain your approval as a foster carer. We have an expectation that carers are actively involved in all training provided. Continued non-attendance may result in your approval being reconsidered.

Training Standards, Support and Development (TSD)
All foster carers are required to complete the Training Standards and Development Portfolio. This tracks your development within the first year of being approved as a foster carer. Your supervising social worker will guide you through it and you will both work on your training, support and development together

Training courses available include:

• Safeguarding
• Child Sexual Exploitation
• Managing Challenging Behaviours and Safe Handling
• First Aid
• Radicalisation
• Introduction to Attachment
• Self-Harm
• Life Story Work

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